The all-time biggest sports contracts in the world (1)

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Sport's biggest stars are some of the best paid people on the planet - we're talking LeBron James, Joe Flacco and Gareth Bale.

But which team sports pay the best? Footballers in the Premier League often get hammered in the press for their extravagant lifestyles - although it doesn't help when you use £20 notes as toilet roll and sleep on £50s in casinos.

But compared to their peers in the United States, football's biggest stars just don't compete.

In fact, baseball players own nine of the top 10 biggest sports contracts of all-time - Joey Votto's mega-deal agreed this year the latest to propel an MLB star into the top 10.

Here, we'll recap the biggest sports contracts of all-time by sport.

A couple of caveats first of all - we're only concerned with team sports here. So sorry, no Floyd Mayweather or Tiger Woods. We only want athletes employed by a team, who rely on a weekly wage rather than on prize money.

Similarly, some of these deals may have been annulled before they were fully paid up. That could be due to various different reasons - retirement, the player was sold, etc.

But they still make the list, because at the time the headline number qualified.

Here we go...

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Maxi Rodriguez
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