Two of Brazil's most famous forwards of the modern era, Neymar and Ronaldo, will also be two of the most marketable heading into a World Cup year on home soil.

But this latest advert featuring both Samba superstars has fallen foul of the TV regulators in the South American country.

It looks fairly innocuous, but the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation has ruled that it presents the two national heroes in a bad light.

The basic premise of the ad seems pretty simple. Former-Brazil striker Ronaldo makes a few prank phone calls, including one where he pretends to be Neymar's girlfriend Bruna Marquezine on the phone to the Barcelona star.

The "Claro Fixo" ad is promoting a cheap plan that provides unlimited calls to members of family and close friends.

Doesn't seem too much wrong with it. In fact the best bit is probably the beginning, when a still chubby Ronaldo barks down the phone like a mad-man during his first prank call.

Check it out in the video above...

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