Top 10: Transfer match-ups made in heaven

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There's something enthralling about the prospect of a transfer window in football which excites the imagination to the point where unbelievable rumours start to take on some grounding.

The saying goes that where there's smoke there's fire, but if that were the case then the men that construct and negotiate transfer deals must never have get a minutes sleep.

Such is overriding value of money in today's game that even the most loyal players are annually linked with moves away from their clubs for one reason or another.

However we all love a good bit of speculation, so for the most part it's not really that distressing to open the papers in the morning and see Lionel Messi linked with Chelsea.

With that sort of gossip in mind we've gone to the liberty of partnering up some of the world's most high-profile transfer targets with the clubs that they'd be best suited to.

It won't make a vast majority of fans pleased to realise that their biggest stars could perhaps enjoy more success elsewhere, but it sure does make for some intriguing read.

Click on to find the transfer match-ups that we think were made in heaven....

Premier League
Aaron Ramsey
Robert Lewandowski
Sergio Aguero
Luke Shaw
Javier Hernandez
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