Seattle Mariners consider pulling out of Robinson Cano deal

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Cano didn't accept the offer as expected. (©GettyImages)
Cano didn't accept the offer as expected. (©GettyImages).

Executives of the Seattle Mariners are ready to drop their $225m offer for Robinson Cano after the player refused to accept the offer as expected, reports

The highest profile free agent of the winter appeared to be set for a move to Seattle after the Mariners became the first franchise to offer him anywhere near what he was demanding from the New York Yankees.

But after offering him and agent Jay-Z a the massive nine year deal in a meeting in Los Angeles, the Mariners were taken aback when Cano refused to accept on the spot.

Reports suggest that Jay-Z raised the demands of his client to a 10-year deal for $252 million - the same that Alex Rodriguez commanded when he joined the Texas Rangers in 2001.

It is understood Jay-Z, who is keen to see Cano stay in New York because of the marketing advantages it offers, wants the Mariners to offer significantly more than the Yankees seven year deal worth $175m.

But the Yankees are reluctant to go any higher, leaving a near $100m gap between the second baseman and the franchise.

Reports from suggests that the deal is still alive, but is very much on life support.

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