It's a common theory that when you've got it all you still want more.

Most multi-millionaires are rarely content with having the huge house, bags of cash, amazing ride and private planes. Sometimes what they really want is a little bit of companionship (and I'm not talking about ludicrously beautiful women).

Mega-rich sports stars are no different. Sure they may boss their respective fields of play, but at the end of the day they're still prone to the very same indulges as everyone else. So it's rarely a surprise to hear that many of them have exotic pets of one kind or another.

However there are those who insist on exerting their affluence on buying the type of animals that you can't find down your local Pet's at Home store. 

Here we pay tribute to some of the craziest, most unsuitable and- frankly- the coolest pets that sports stars have managed to house at some time or another.

Click on to see who makes up eight of the most insane sports star pets ever!...

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