Unfortunately- for the neutral fans at least- the transfers of world-class players are few and far between.

It always makes for an enthralling prospect to see high-profile stars moving between the biggest clubs in Europe, but of obvious reasons their club's aren't usually willing to let them go.

That being said, as is tradition in football, the rumour mill is steadily boiling over as we draw closer to January.

Though many of the proposed and speculated transfers can be placed in the 'definitely not going to happen' pile, there are others that harbour genuine possibility.

In this list we look at the ten best players in world football who could feasibly be sold by their clubs in January.

With increasing interest and that oh so familiar smell of rich owners opening their wallets in preparation for the winter transfer window, we give you the best players who might just be sold next month...

Click on to see who makes the cut....

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