Top five: Worst managerial decisions of the season

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Martin Jol fails to recognise a crisis

If your team is struggling playing poorly fans at least want it to be clear that the manager understands the gravity of the situation. That way at the you can be sure that the players are bring told how serious it is aswell. Martin Jol however, didn't seem to grasp this.

Beginning with a really poor second half of the season last year and continuing into this season Martin Jol had a dangerously relaxed demeanour. After 3-1 defeat to Manchester United Jol stated that “there are six or seven teams worse than us” so don't worry guys.

This was hardly a rallying cry for improvement. The impression was created on and off the pitch that Fulham were sleep walking into relegation. Unsurprisingly Mr Jol is no longer in charge at Fulham. Apparently he was so laid back that he willingly hired in his own replacement Rene

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