One is a 7ft-0in NBA center with an afro, the other is an NBA mascot dressed as a horse - they should definitely fight! And, what do you know, they did!

That's just what they did on Sunday night when Robin Lopez and the Portland Trail Blazers visited the Detroit Pistons at Auburn Hills.

Trail Blazers center Lopez took exception to Hooper, the Pistons horse mascot, taking the mickey out of his hair.

And if you're 7-ft tall, you don't have to take that from anyone, especially from a man dressed as a horse.

So, in the most tongue-in-cheek way possible, the NBA star put the smack-down on Hooper, leaving him sprawled across the court during the pre-game warm-ups.

You can check it out in the video above.

But what really lay behind the scrap on Sunday - Lopez revealed all to

He said: "I think that was kind of an inherited blood feud in a way. I know that there was some bad blood between him and the Brooklyn Nets the night before.

"I'm not sure who orchestrated it but I can't help but feel I was the victim of that a little bit."

Lopez's brother, Brook Lopez, plays for the Brooklyn Nets. And along with a few teammates, he playfully put the beat-down on Hooper at Auburn Hills.

The Pistons mascot took to Twitter to call out Robin, who was coming to Auburn Hills later that week, and Robin Lopez said he was forced to fight to defend his family's name.

"Of course I had to stick up for the family name," Robin continued. "He really should have thought twice before stepping to me…He was really throwing rocks at a hornet's nest."

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