Chelsea must be worried - Mourinho can't get it right

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has not had it all his own way since returning to Stamford Bridge. 

Since November, in 11 games, Mourinho's side have only beaten their opponents by more than one goal three times and in the same period they have lost on four occasions. 

Their defeats haven't come against the toughest of opponents, either. The Blues have lost to the likes of Newcastle, Basel, Stoke and Sunderland.

Chelsea fans must be worried - they don't seem to be showing consistency in any competition.

Yes they won their Champions League group, but two defeats to Basel, who didn't beat anyone else in Group E will be a cause for concern. 

Additionally, despite being just two points off  Premier League leaders Arsenal, away defeats at Stoke and Newcastle have slowed down their progress. 

And last night came the latest setback. Chelsea's League Cup defeat to bottom of the table Sunderland means Mourinho only has three trophies to fight for. 

Mourinho just can't seem to get it right at the moment. It was only last week that he said Chelsea were a cup team. Well, they are out of the Capital One Cup now, so those words have come back to haunt him. 

Mourinho, right now, just doesn't seem to have an answer. Last night he suggested that he will change his side's approach and he may well have to. 

But, whilst a change in approach is certainly needed, there are other factors that need addressing too. 

Factors such as Juan Mata and Romelu Lukaku. First of all don't get me wrong, Lukaku is excelling at Everton and will come back to Stamford Bridge a better player. 

However, the problem is that Lukaku is a far better striker than any other forward at Chelsea and should be in the Blues team now. 

If he had stayed at Chelsea, he may well have made mistakes whilst continuing to learn the trade, but he offers far more than Demba Ba, Fernando Torres and Samuel Eto'o.

Then, of course, there's the issue of Juan Mata. Mourinho continues to rotate the Spaniard when really he should be creating his side around the playmaker. 

Surely a Chelsea attacking side with Mata, Hazard and Oscar behind Lukaku would get even the best defenders worried. 

If he had his best four forward players on the pitch, then the Blues would score goals for fun.

Of course, the Portuguese manager then needs to find a balance to his side, but in truth, Mourinho has yet to find a balance and has yet to play his strongest attacking line up. 

This will prove difficult whilst Lukaku remains at Everton, but Mourinho should cut his losses early and bring him back in January to boost his side's title charge. 

Then, when his team are at full flow they may start killing their opponents off and Mourinho may have finally found a solution to his problems.

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