There's some who judge a team's brilliance on the manner of football they play.

Alternatively there's others who would rather look at the amount of stars within the squad, or the competitions they've done well in.

However it's an indisputable fact that football is a game built around the principle of winning.

As Arsenal have so brilliantly demonstrated over the last few years; you can play sublime football and still go home with nothing to show for it.

On the flip so, as has become seemingly synonymous with Manchester United; there's ways of picking up important results when not playing very well at all.

But at the end of the day the best teams are the ones who ultimately win the most fixtures over the course of the season.

Here we countdown the best teams of 2013, not based necessarily on the trophies they've won or the football they've played, but with regards to the amount of games in which they've come up trumps in all competitions they've played in.

Click on to see if your side makes the cut...

DISCLAIMER*- We've only selected teams from Europe's top five leagues in order to ensure the standard is at a certain level.

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