While for many the new year represents an exciting chance for change and new beginnings, for most football managers it must surely represent a particularly tiresome period in which they could have their seasons turned upside down by interest in some of their most valued players.

Yes, the January transfer window is now a mere fortnight away and there is simply no escaping the wild rumours that generally tend to spiral out of control at this time of year.

As is traditionally the case in the build-up to such a notorious event, the speculation and gossip concerning the future of some of the globe's most in-form footballers has gone into overdrive recently.

With the re-opening of the window appearing closer and closer on the horizon, here GMS pinpoints eight potential January transfers (including one possible managerial appointment) that would be a mistake for one or more of the parties involved in the deal.

Please feel free to comment on our selections. Do you agree that the possible transfers included within our list would be mistakes?

Perhaps you think that, actually, one these deals would make perfect sense?

Click 'begin slideshow' to get started and let us know if there is an obvious rumour worthy of inclusion that we may have missed...

Aaron Ramsey
Manchester United
Juan Mata