Top 15: Most popular NBA jerseys

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The NBA is a long and difficult season.

It takes heart, courage and bravery to keep pushing and giving it your all.

Only those who put 110% effort in every game and training session get their names in the history books.

But if you look behind all the championships, records, streaks and awards their is a huge group of people who make it all happen.

The fans.

The fans are at every game giving the teams the support they need and the hate that they thrive on.

The fans make the game.

They love some players and hate others.

But there is no doubt in anyones' mind that the athletes train hard to make the fans happy.

They wake up every morning to give the fans what they want.

Now after the release of most jerseys sold, we see who the fans appreciate the most.

LeBron James
Kobe Bryant
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