The Secret Footballer: Has his identity been revealed?

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The identity of the Secret Footballer has been the subject of much debate since he penned his first column in the The Guardian a couple of years ago. But are we now closer to knowing the truth?

Well, Danish journalist Kian Fonoudi appears to think so after a piece of commendable sleuth work that may have proven that the Secret Footballer is Sheffield United striker Dave Kitson.

The former Reading and Stoke City forward is, according to, the most likely candidate to be said player when considering all the evidence from his numerous columns and two books.

Fonoudi used this information to set-up an interview with Kitson and proceeded to ask the 33-year-old some sneaky questions in the hope of building up a stronger case against him.

He manages to coax what he feels to be an important admission from Kitson, and the segment created for Danish TV can be seen above.

(Thanks to 101greatgoals for reporting this first)

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