Top 10: The ones to watch in 2014

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If nothing else the imminent arrival of a new year brings around a period of reflection.

Not only have we had plenty of time to consider the ups and downs and outcomes and happenings of last season, but we're also halfway into the new one. 

In this respect it's a perfect time to celebrate or commiserate the respective triumphs and/or shortcomings of the footballing calendar year that will soon be at its end.

However, perhaps more pertinently, it also presents an ideal opportunity to mull over the prospects of the year to come.

As is the case with most people, the turn of the year offers many footballers a chance to either begin their quest for good form anew or a struggle to ensure it does not slip away from them.

Here we look over the players who, for differing reasons, can be expected to have momentous 2014s.

With the World Cup steadily creeping over the horizon and a blank canvas on which to paint, we select the top 10 stars you really need to keep and eye on as of January. 

Cristiano Ronaldo
Franck Ribery
Adam Lallana
Luis Suarez
Lionel Messi
Aaron Ramsey
Premier League
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