Careless Batting

Whether it was careless of just extremely irresponsible England's approach to batting in this series has left a lot to be desire.

In at least 90% of all cases England batsman were due to either poor concentration or bad decision making rather than excellent bowling.

Harsh shots, poor shots, technically wrong shots; they were all played by England, Kevin Pietersen being on top in this list.

Except for Melbourne, there was hardly any occasion on which a player who has got 8000 test runs and is number five on England's all-time scorers didn’t play a poor shot.

From that pull shot at The Gabba to that attempt to hit over long-on, KP was a perfect example of how to give your wicket away cheaply on a consistent basis.

Had he played the way he did at Melbourne, I’d again say, the story would have been different. Leaving him aside, every batsmen played a careless shot on or more occasions, Cook himself doing so at Adelaide in 2nd inning.

Australia on the other hand played with great common sense and responsibility.

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