Talks between the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers involving a move which would see Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum swap franchises have hit a snag, according to ESPN.

The LA Lakers are keen on getting Gasol off of their wage bill as the 33-year-old power forward is the second highest paid player at the Lakers.

Gasol is out of contract in the summer, however the Lakers are keen on shipping him out now so they can begin talks over who they will purchase in the off-season.

Bynum is also said to be far from happy at the Cavaliers as the center has been suspended by his franchise.

The Cavaliers want to get rid of Bynum before January 7 as he is due a huge payout if he is still at the Eastern Conference franchise beyond next Tuesday.

A swap deal would suit both parties as the Lakers would be getting a player who earns over $19.3million off their books and the Cavaliers would not have to fork out on the remainder of Bynum's contract.

However the Cavaliers will have to include another player in the deal in order to receive ratification from the NBA.

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