American football, as you’d expect from a sport that largely consists of heavy collisions and bone crunching hits, can boast its fair share of eye-catching moments.

And they really don’t come any better than this.

It’s the sort of thing usually reserve for flicks on the big screen; a quarterback reaching the end zone after executing a front flip. However that’s exactly what happened during the match between Baylor University and Central Florida- though the quarterback involved, Bryce Petty, probably didn’t intend it.

Taking things into his own hands Petty made a dash for the end zone and went to leap the last defender. Contact was made in mid-air and Petty ended up flipping right over in a sickening move.

However it was all smiles as he simply got up, brushed himself down and celebrated the touchdown in style!

Watch the video above to see Petty’s insane touchdown!

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