With the Christmas festivities now a distant memory and the New Year welcomed in style, the Premier League is set for 12 more months as one of world football's most intriguing and entertaining divisions.

While in previous years the English top-flight could perhaps be accused by some as being wholly predictable, the 2013/14 season has served to successfully shed that reputation as fans have been treated to the most unpredictable campaign in recent memory.

Here, with 2014 underway GMS peers into its crystal ball and makes six bold* predictions for the Premier League year ahead. 

Don't forget to leave us your thoughts. What do you make of these predictions for 2014?

Realistically, can you see any of them actually coming true? If so, which?

Alternatively, which of these predictions do you believe is going too far and simply won't come to pass during the calendar year?

Click on to see our choices...

*Please note, the use of the world 'bold' denotes that we are trying to be controversial and a little bit outlandish with a couple of these, so please refrain from being too angry if you see something you don't like  - it's only a bit of fun after all!

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