Fan screams Miley Cyrus lyrics at free throw shooter

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This might be the oddest story you read, but it is another example of why college sports are so brilliant and different to the professional games.

A Belmont basketball fan has come up with a new way of putting off free throw shooters it seems. No, no giant cardboard faces in the crowd this time.

Apparently screaming Miley Cyrus lyrics at the top of your voice is the best way to make a shooter miss. And who am i to argue with the cold hard fact that is this video. 

At home, UNC Tar Heels forward James McAdoo strolled to the free throw line with 9:58 remaining in the first half, and per usual the fans in Chapel Hill were silent. But there had to have been at least one Belmont fan in the stands.

"I came in like a wrecking ball" the man screams along with the next line of "you never knew how loud i yell!" 

Well we do now good sir and by jove we are proud of you. 

Of course McAdoo missed the free throw. How could he not be intimated by such a ferocious war cry.

McAdoo was just 11-for-19 from the charity stripe on the day, so it’s not like he’s a fantastic free throw shooter.

But still, credit has to go to the Belmont fan and his knowledge of teen pop star lyrics that seem to be a basketball players kryptonite. 

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