Yesterday Jason Puncheon gave football fans a moment that had everyone in bewilderment, shock and also fits of laughter when he sent his penalty attempt high and wide. 

The Crystal Palace forward stepped up to the spot at White Hart Lane in the 7th minute looking to give his side a much needed early goal. 

But instead of doing that he managed to give the away fans a major boost, and embarrass himself in the process. 

Take a look at five of the worst penalty attempts in recent times by clicking the player's name. 

5) Francesco Totti

The Italian is one of Serie A's star players and with 58 Italy caps he is a player with class that any player would envy. 

But he may have been a little over confident on the day in 2007 when he stepped up to the spot.

Looking to score what would of been a cheeky chip goal down the centre of the keeper's net, he misjudged the goalie's movement and sent the ball harmlessly into the relieved Leece keeper's hands. 

So close but so far. 

4) Robert Pires and Thierry Henry

This penalty fail had everyone thinking 'what just happened?'

Having scored one penalty in the first half against Manchester City in 2005, Arsenal were awarded a second. But Pires decided against doing what he had done earlier in the game, and instead attempt to pass the ball from the spot to team-mate Henry. 

But unfortunately the ball moved the tiniest amount and City's defenders ran into the box to steal the ball and win a free kick.

Not exactly executed as well as Ajax's Johan Cruyff penalty was when he exchanged passes with team-mate Jesper Olsen before scoring, but it was a hilarious effort. 

3) Neymar

The Brazilian wonderkid has done so many pieces of majestic skill and trickery that this penalty kick probably doesn't sit in the memory of most football fans. 

But the youngster did once show a moment of madness when his spot-kick was sent high over the bar against Columbia, leaving the spiky haired starlet to simply stare back at the penalty-spot like it had tripped him up. 

It was a great attempt and would of been a fantastic rugby conversion. 

2) Amir Sayoud

This penalty is great for three reasons. 

One, he misses. Two, he falls over. And three, he gets booked. 

Algerian midfielder Amir Sayoud was the unlucky man to have this happen to him when his club side Al-Ahly were playing a cup match in 2011. 

Sayoud stops his normal run up at the last second to fake the keeper, but gets his foot stuck in the ground causing him to tamely tap the ball towards goal and fall flat on his face. 

The referee then added insult to injury by seemingly booking the player for his stuttered run up. 

1) Jason Puncheon 

If you haven't seen it yet then here it is. 

The latest in penalty blunders. 

But if Puncheon can keep Palace in the Premier League with his goals this season then surely the fans will forgive him. 

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