The San Francisco 49ers booked their place in the NFC Championship yesterday with a stirring effort against the Carolina Panthers, but one of the best performances of the afternoon had to be the impressive national anthem performance pre-game. 

It's not often you hear a trumpet played at a ball game, usually the national anthem will be sung, sometimes badly. However, this was an epic performance by the trumpet player Jesse McGuire. 

There were certainly thousands of hairs that pricked up on the back of fans necks in the Bank of America Stadium on Sunday, which certainly got them all psyched up. 

McGuire certainly seemed to be wavering at the end of his rendition of the 'Star-Spangled Banner', and he definitely would have needed some water after a breath-taking performance in Charlotte. 

Just a shame for the Panthers fans that their team couldn't win the game to see them through to the next week's game in Seattle. 

Check out the video above for the trumpet national anthem. One thing is for sure, the trumpeter in question will certainly get another NFL gig very soon with those qualities.  

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