What do Colin Kaepernick, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson all have in common?

Well they're all NFL stars who are just one game away from a Super Bowl, but did you also know that all three were also drafted by baseball teams?

It's not unusual for athletes to play two sports of course, Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson are just two players to mix football and baseball but it is rarely done by quarterbacks.

Tom Brady was drafted in the 18th round out of high school by the Montreal Expos in 1995. He was a promising catcher but his football commitments at Michigan proved too much. 

Colin Kapernick was a pitcher in high school but didn't play whilst in college at Nevada. However the Chicago Cubs selected him in the 43rd round of the 2009 draft. Uniquely the Cubs were willing to allow Kaepernick to play both sports however the future San Francisco 49er decided to stick with football.

Russell Wilson played both baseball and football at North Carolina State. After his 2010 season he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies and played two summers of minor league baseball hitting .230 and .228 respectively.  In January 2012 he chose a career in the NFL over baseball.

However, in December 2013 he was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the rule 5 draft. It is unclear at this point how much of a part he will play in the organisation.

Naturally all three have thus far decided that the pressures of a baseball season would impact on their football careers would be too much. However, it is a testament to the phenomenal athletic skills of these men that they have been successful at more than one sport.  

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