The New York Yankees may be keen to add Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka to their starting rotation for the 2014 season, but there is one key man in the organisation who has second thoughts.

One official from the club, as reported in the New York Post has said that he is 'not convinced' by the Golden Eagles pitcher and has questioned his ability to adapt to the major leagues.

“Just because he had great success over there doesn’t mean he’s going to be lights out here,” the official said. “We’ll find out soon enough, but it’s not like he’s a sure-fire thing. I’d like to think so, but I’m not convinced.”

Tanaka has a .739 win percentage with 1,238 strikeouts in seven years so far in his career which has drawn interest from a number of major league teams in North America.

The Yankees, LA Dodgers, LA Angels and Boston Red Sox have all expressed interest in Tanaka.

Several other clubs could do with top-tier pitching talent this off-season but the Japanese ace's high price is sure to narrow the field.

The Yankees yesterday added Brian Roberts to their team on a one-year deal and, with Alex Rodriguez on the restricted list currently have a full 40-man roster.

However, should they land Tanaka, The Bronx club will be sure to find room in their rotation alongside CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova.

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