Brady, Manning, Wilson & Kaepernick: Who’s the best Quarterback?

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Kap on the run in the playoff win against the Panthers
Kap on the run in the playoff win against the Panthers.

4) Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick has had an up and down season this year. His early struggles were obvious to everyone who had watched him.

He came in like the proverbial wrecking ball in 2012 and set the league on fire with his unusual mobility and rushing potential.

Then he came back after the off-season and sucked. The absence of Michael Crabtree negatively impacted Kaepernick and thus his passing yards per game and general overall statistics dropped like a hammer.

It was to be expected though, when you take away any young QB’s favorite receiver and they won’t be as productive as they are with him. One of the most impressive elements to Kaepernick’s game is his ability to take shots down the field regularly without turning the ball over.

On the season, he has only been picked off eight times, which equates to one of the lowest interception rates in the NFL. His accuracy has still been an issue though.

According to Pro Football Focus, Kaepernick’s accuracy percentage came in at 58.4, one of the worst in the league. And when pressure came it got even worse, he tied the leagues lowest with Matt Schaub at 55.1%. Kaepernick is good, of that there is no doubt.

You can’t argue with his win record. But he still has a lot to improve to get anywhere near Ron Jaworski’s evaluation of him.

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