New York Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez has revealed that people around the league have given him support as he goes through the process of trying to overturn his drugs suspension. 

A-rod currently has a 162-game ban for his alleged part in a Biogenesis scandal, which means he is likely to sit out the entire 2014 season. 

Speaking about his suspension, the 38-year-old even called the schedule time away from the game a 'favor.'

"The support has not only come from all my colleague on the Yankees, but colleague of the league as well. Lot of people including retired hall of fame players, and owners of other teams," he explained. 

"It's a very sad story, and we hope we can take it out of the newspapers. The league has done me a big favor. I've played 20 years without a time-out, and 2014 will be a year to rest." 

On the suspension of A-rod, Derek Jeter opened up a little and gave his thoughts on the matter. He admitted to feeling 'saddened by the whole thing,' and referred to the situation as 'messy.'

“Other than that, it is what it is. You guys [journalists] probably know more about it than I do,” Jeter said.

When he was asked about Rodrguez's possible return for spring training, he all of a sudden became more reserved. 

“Like I say, you’ve got to ask (Rodriguez) that question. I really can’t give you any more on that. I’ll leave it at that.

“You grow close with guys throughout the years, guys that you’ve played with for that long. I mean, he’s human. I’m sure it’s a rough situation.”

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