Top 10: Biggest transfer value increases

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Ramsey has been a revelation so far this season
Ramsey has been a revelation so far this season.

There have been plenty of surprise packages in the Premier League this season.

In August, few would have expected the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Ross Barkley to be the talk of the town, while even less would have said that Luis Suarez would have already scored 22 goals having missed the first five games of the season.

But one question remains of those players who have really stood out so far this season - how much are they now worth?

With players like Ramsey, it's likely that we will never be able to find out in real life just how much he would fetch on the open market given his commitment to Arsenal.

Luckily however, the good folk over at have released a list showing the players who saw their value increase the most over the course of 2013.

Want to find out who has doubled in value thanks to their performances on the pitch and who is now worth an astonishing 420% more than they were this time last year?

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Theo Walcott
Jack Wilshere
Luis Suarez
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