Even today Napoli fans worship El Diego (©GettyImages)
Even today Napoli fans worship El Diego (©GettyImages).

Top five: Players never to win the Ballon d'or (2)

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Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona. There's not much that needs to be said beyond the name but a few
words will do.

Maradona was one of the greatest ever players to ever grace the turf of a football pitch. His goal against England (not the 'Hand of God' the other one) was perhaps the greatest individual goal ever; even if Terry Butcher should have fouled him before he scored.

More than this though Maradona pretty much won the 1986 Mexico World Cup single-handedly. This achievement should have given him the Ballon d'Or at the time though Maradona wasn't eligible for the trophy.

AC Milan

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