4. Clayton Kershaw - $215,000,000

Yes, Kershaw made the list. He managed to beat the sum that Fielder got by just a million dollars. 

Kershaw has become the highest earning pitcher in history but it still somehow feels like he is being underpaid. There is no other pitcher in MLB anywhere near the level he is playing at. And Kershaw is still only 25. 

After five and a half seasons in the bigs, the leftie has two NL Cy Young Awards, three NL ERA titles and a 21-win season. He's led the league in strikeouts twice and even won a Gold Glove back in 2011.

The contract runs until 2022, by which time the pitcher will be 34 and will be definitely on the slide as a starter, but the years prior to that could see something very special at Dodgers Stadium for, fans and baseball purists alike. 

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