The 5 biggest contracts in sport history

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I'd be smiling too if i was on that much money
I'd be smiling too if i was on that much money.

1. Alex Rodriguez - $252,000,000 & $270,000,000

Yep, the same guy has the two highest paying contracts in the history of sports. 

Alex Rodriguez still has three years and $61 million left to go. So right there you have 61 million reasons why he won't quit baseball despite the storm that is surrounding him, the Biogenesis scandal, and his apparent use of performance enhancing drugs dating back from 2010. 

Rodriguez recently came out saying he was looking forward to his year long ban handed to him by the MLB and an arbitrator. I'm not surprised, he is getting paid $27.5m to sit on his backside all year and drink beer. Sounds like a sweet deal to us. 

A-Rod signed the two biggest contracts in baseball history, $252 million with the Texas Rangers in 2000 and $275 million with the New York Yankees in 2007.

Undoubtedly, Alex Rodriguez has been a fantastic player for both the Rangers and the Yankees. Neither of these teams would have been as good, and done as well, without him. He was a bonafide star of the league.

His reputation will be forever tarnished by his use of steroids though. It's impossible to look at him in the same way since we found out about his PED use. There are even doubts as to if Rodriguez ever played clean since he signed the first of his mega deals. 

However, he will always be the highest paid player in sports, that cannot be taken away from him. Well, at least until someone new comes along.

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