The 5 biggest contracts in sport history

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A-Rod watches one fly
A-Rod watches one fly.

With yesterday's reveal that Clayton Kershaw had become the highest paid pitcher in the history of baseball, it got me thinking...

Who are the highest paid guys in the history of sport. Well here is this list. Let's see if the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher and his $215million spread over seven years is good enough to get in to the top 5. 

Bear in mind that it wasn't that long ago that sports players had to work second jobs in the summer just to make ends meet, but now they get paid so much some guys don't know what to do with all the dollars lining their bank accounts.

So lets get cracking in to this top five....

New York Yankees
Alex Rodriguez
Texas Rangers
New York Yankees
Cincinnati Reds
Los Angeles Dodgers
Seattle Mariners
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