Premier League contenders' unsung heroes

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Dzeko and Koscielny go quietly about their business
Dzeko and Koscielny go quietly about their business.

We all know of that one player in a team where you'll be reflecting on the game and wonder if he actually played.

Though, when that player isn't there - you definitely notice. 

The Premier League is full of unsung heroes, and this year those unsung heroes could be vital in determining whereabouts the trophy will be lifted this year.

Often the most unnoticed players are the Claude Makelele style 'water-carrier' role players - the defensive midfielders - I could've filled the list purely with those but in the top four players are unappreciated for different reasons.

Do you agree with the list, or disagree? Feel free to comment.


Tim Howard
Laurent Koscielny
John Obi Mikel
Edin Dzeko
Premier League
Leiva Lucas
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