Team USA are aiming gold in the Men's hockey at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but that is not the only aspect of the trip to Russia which may be daunting. 

Heading into the Winter Olympics, multiple news sites have reported that police in Sochi are searching for numerous suicide bombers who may be operating in the city. 

The winter games are likely to have the tightest security in the history of big events. Whether the USA participants will be safe or not remains to be seen, but CNN are reporting that warships are on hand to protect their stars. 

It is understood that warships and air transport will be available throughout the games so as to make a quick getaway if any athletes are needed to evacuate quickly. 

This news comes off the back of a video that went viral Sunday in which Islamic militants claim there will be 'a surprise' in store for Vladimir Putin and anybody who attends the games. 

"[Planes and ships are there] if something happens like a major terrorist attack and we need to get Americans out,” the official said.

With the games only 17 days away, it's certainly going to be a story to keep an eye on until the end of February. 

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