Though strikers will often experience dips in form and dry spells in front of goal, the best ones will always maintain a credible return.

Whether their team is sitting atop of the league or fighting in a relegation dog fight, the forwards that are most valuable are the ones who can boast goal hauls that look very good when compared against their minutes played.

More exactly, it could be argued that the most clinical players are the ones who have impressive strike rates in relation to the amount of shots they manage.

Surely any footballer worth his salt can score goals if he takes 100 shots a game, so does that then mean that the very best are those who can guarantee a return even if they can only promise a couple of efforts a game?

It’s a conundrum that this list will no doubt settle and one that’s a certainty to surprise.

Based on stats taken from over the course of this season (2013/14)

Click on to see the Top 15: Most clinical Premier League strikers for this season.

* DISCLAIMER: These stats only use players from the top seven clubs in the league...

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