Carmelo Anthony shook his head on the New York Knicks bench after yet another bone-headed defensive play.

It just about summed up the Knicks wretched season to date - and the gif-worthy moment provided just about the perfect opportunity for ESPN analyst Tim Legler to have a little fun with the telestrator.

Legler proceeded to draw a sad face on Anthony, much to everyone's amusement (come on, everyone finds the Knicks funny, right?).

The play in question came during the Knicks blowout loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Monday night.

Anthony had a decent game, scoring 26 points and grabbing 12 rebounds but the Knicks slipped to a 103-80 defeat to their cross-city rivals at Madison Square Garden.

An already embarrassing season got a whole lost worse. 

Check out the clip of Legler mocking Anthony above...

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