Former NFL wide-receiver Nate Jackson has insisted that the drug marijuana helped him recover from injury during his career at the Denver Broncos.  

Speaking in a documentary which will air tonight on HBO, called Real Sports, Jackson admits to using the drug and says its effect was move beneficial to him than pain-killers. 

“You’re always battling your body,” Jackson told USA Today. “The job description is slamming yourself into another human being as hard as you can.”

Jackson is now a writer by trade, but he spent six seasons in the NFL with the Broncos, and he is certainly in favor of using drugs as a way to cope with the hardship that comes with playing in the big league. 

Former punter Chris Kluwe has previously admitted to seeing sights of fellow players using drugs to wind down. 

“It’s everywhere,” Kluwe said, “In the locker room when guys used to talk about it it wasn’t about ‘I’m going to go get blazed and tear up the town’ it was like, ‘Yeah I smoked a bit and passed out on the couch because I felt like crap after practice."

Tom Brady was recently asked about whether he feared his players would use marijuana during the trip to Denver for the AFC Championship Game. 

The states of Washington and Colorado have legalized the drug, but it's still banned by the NFL. 

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