NFL star Arian Foster sues the woman pregnant with his child

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Foster suing baby mama
Foster suing baby mama.

Houston running-back Arian Foster is on the verge of suing the women who is carrying his child for defamation, TMZ sports are reporting. 

The suite has been filled in Texas by Foster, who had a quiet season with the Texans due to a series of injuries, which forced him to have back surgery in November. 

Foster is claiming that the woman, who is called Brittany Norwood, is trying to lie about him so that she can extort money from the star player. 

The so called 'calculated scheme' has included claiming that the NFL player has insisted that she abort the child. 

Foster believes he has evidence to back up his claims, such as text messages and legal recordings of conversations the two have had that reveal Brittany's allegations are untrue. 

The recorded conversation was obtained by TMZ Sports, a woman Foster claims to be Norwood says, "I never once said that you told me to get an abortion" and "I was never in fear of my life around you."

Foster lawsuit explains, "Norwood has engaged in a campaign to impugn the character and reputation of [Arian] with the intent to extort monies from him."

The Texan wants Brittany to pay his legal costs, as this situation continues to tarnish Foster's reputation.

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