Video: Carmelo Anthony challenges Wade for best/worst travel

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Melo using more traditional tactics vs. Detroit Pistons
Melo using more traditional tactics vs. Detroit Pistons.

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Carmelo Anthony has long been admired for his ability to get down the court, ball in hand, with relative ease.

But in Monday nights Knicks-Nets game he took it to a whole new level.

Perhaps bored with his teams lacklustre performance, Melo seemingly took it upon himself to take on Dwayne Wade for this seasons "best/worst travel award".

Collecting the ball from Tyson Chandler, Anthony considers the dribble before deciding jogging is easier.

Cue four or five steps with ball in hand before he throws the ball ahead to Pablo Prigioni.

The ref's must have felt sorry for the Knicks, but even a little rule bending couldn't help the franchise as they lost their fourth game in a row.

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