Angels' Josh Hamilton gets fatter as he aims to repay LA's faith

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Hamilton is ready for 2014
Hamilton is ready for 2014.

LA Angels of Anaheim baseball outfielder Josh Hamilton admits he is carrying more weight heading into the 2014 MLB season.

The former Texas Ranger entered spring training last year 20 pounds lighter than his usual weight, but this season he is hell bent on playing at a more comfortable weight come the summer time. 

Hamilton has been hoping to bulk up in a healthy way with the aim of becoming more productive. The outfielder was an MLB All-Star for five consecutive seasons from 2008-12, but last year he missed out, and he's hoping to get back to that standard this season.

Speaking on MLB Network's 'Hot Stove', the 235 pound Angels man explained, "I've never lifted heavy, heavy weight before, so that's what I'm doing this offseason," Hamilton said on MLB Network.

"Just trying to put muscle on, trying to have a couple of cheat days here and there, pizzas, burgers every once in a while. But for the most part trying to stay gluten-free, because that makes my joints feel better. So overall I'm feeling better."

Hamilton is 33 in four months, and last season he made 21 homers, which is a far cry from an average of 28 homers and 101 RBIs in his years with the Rangers. 

The Angels have yet to receive that production, and he will hope to improve in his second season of a five-year, $125 million contract.

"I'm as real as it gets when it comes to talking about faith and my relationship with the Lord. I could be really [ticked] off and have a bad attitude, or I could stay positive, work hard, encourage my teammates, and try to come to the park every day and help them win. That's what I chose."

We will see whether Hamilton repays the Angels' faith in him this season. 

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