When Skip Bayless speaks - most people don't listen - but on this occasion he may have a point, with the journalist saying Paul George should be leading the NBA MVP race. 

Bayless famously interviewed Richard Sherman during which the Seahawks star said 'nobody listens to you.' However, on his latest views, he might not be far off the mark. 

George has had a fantastic season for the Indiana Pacers (33-7), who currently have the best record in the NBA. 

This season Kevin Durant has been epic as well, with LeBron James also having a standard season of excellence. 

But Bayless feels that George should be beating both of these fantastic athletes to the MVP award as of this moment. 

He took to Twitter today and said, "Right now I'd give Paul George slight edge in MVP race over LeBron, Durant. Pacers have NBA's best record."

The Pacers do certainly have the best record in the NBA, and the 23-year-old George has played a significant part in that. 

Whether he gets the MVP award at the end of the season remains to be seen. He will surely have to keep up his current strong play, and possibly even take it to the next level come play-off time. 

After all legends are made in the post-season. 

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