Is Baseball ready for an openly gay player?

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Jones in action for the Orioles
Jones in action for the Orioles.

Major leaguers past and present gathered on Tuesday for the 25th annual “Going to Bat for B.A.T.” dinner to raise money for the Baseball Assistance Team, which has awarded more than $29 million in grants that benefit more than 3,100 members of the baseball world.

While Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda made the headlines for his scathing review of A-Rod and PED users in general, another quote caught the eye a bit.

When asked if Baseball was ready for an openly gay player, Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones said:

"We're men. We'll handle the situation as it arises. I don't think anybody has any resentment toward anybody that has that orientation. We're men, we're gonna handle it with class and dignity."

Whilst it is obvious that teammates would be accepting of a gay player outing themselves, the reaction of the crowds i fear would be something altogether different. 

There are people out there who definitely would not be as compassionate with the first player to come out as a lot of us, more forward thinkers, would be. 

Maybe i dumb down the average baseball crowd and for that i apologize, but it is a fact that we still have to put up with mindless idiots, spewing racism in stands nearly 70 years after Jackie Robinson first graced the MLB so it may not be easy ride for the first gay baseball player, if and when they do decide to come out. 

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