Three seasons of mediocrity couldn't stop Rex Ryan from getting a contract extension with the New York Jets, and now he's giving his brother advice on how to get a head coaching position of his own. 

Rex is amazed that his brother didn't even get an interview for a head coaching position in the last few weeks, and he feels Rob may have to get a haircut to get one in the future. 

Rob was the defensive coach for the New Orleans Saints this season, and the NFC South side dramatically improved under his leadership as they ranked fourth in total yards. 

As of yet, the Saints' D-coach hasn't got an interview, which could well be to do with his appearance. Most teams want a face of the franchise as much as a knowledgable coach. 

Rex believes this may be his brother's problem at the moment. 

"Maybe that's it." Ryan told the New York Post. "I told him, 'Dude, how about you go get a haircut?' You tell me one other reason why he doesn't have a [head-coaching job] right now with the kind of job he did."

Rex had lap-band surgery a few years ago and dropped a large amount of weight, and he remains bemused by the lack of opportunities falling the way of Rob. 

“It's amazing. Everybody knows he can coach. I'm just really shocked he didn't get an interview at least. I thought he'd get a [head-coaching] job. I guess it wasn't his time," added Rex. 

“It was one of, in my opinion, the greatest coaching jobs [at the Saints] in the history of the National Football League. You go from 32nd in the league, and they were closer to 33rd in the league than 31st, improve 130-something yards a game and 10 points a game.

"He doesn't get an interview? They had more injuries than any team in the league. He had to make adjustments constantly based on personnel. I just thought it was one of the greatest coaching jobs.”

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