The best scorers in NBA history

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Kareem and his legendary skyhook
Kareem and his legendary skyhook.

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Yes the highest point scorer in the history of the game is only number three in the list. 

If you need a reason why it is because of his somewhat measly 24.6 points per game average in comparison to the top two who both averaged above 30.

Kareem became the highest point scorer simply because his career lasted a quite amazing twenty years. The 'Sky Hook' shot he perfected was practically impossible for a defender to guard against. 

A phenomenal 7'2 center who possessed all of the needed tools that a scorer of his caliber should have and dominated his opponents in a fashion and consistently.

He was among the most physically imposing forces of all time. Kareem certainly could overpowered his defender inside, a thing he did at times but instead relied on his skill set, lethal move and offensive arsenal.

The sky hook wasn't his only shot though. Jabbar was quite adept at the fade away, finger roll and boasted some spin/turn moves to beat his man.

And his 55.9% field goal percentage is quite frankly ridiculous. An insanely effective shooter. 

Career Stats:

- 2 scoring titles

- 1st on the all time scoring list (38,387)

- Second on the all time playoffs points list

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