Greatest ever NBA All-Star moments

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Shaq's and the JabbaWockeeZ

Shaquille O'Neal was, and really still is, one of the most outspoken and outlandish personalities in basketball.

But i don't think anyone was expecting what he was set to do in the 2009 all star game. 

As his name was read out, Shaq took to the stage with his own dance troupe, the Jabbawockeez, decked out in grey suits and white masks, with Shaq in his white tracksuit and a mask of his own.

Set to Nas' song 'Hero' - ego much - Shaq and the 'wockeez pop it and lock it for a full minute and a half before leaving the stage. 

The then 37-year-old center for the Phoenix Suns said that the showcase could very well be his last All-Star appearance, so he wanted to make an impact.

"I wanted to do something a little different and unique," the vet told ESPN. "I realized that this may possibly be my last one, so I wanted to make it memorable for myself and the fans."

Mission accomplished Shaqtus.

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