Top 5: Most pivotal Premier League stars

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Will Rooney be ousted from his throne?
Will Rooney be ousted from his throne?.

It doesn’t matter how many high-profile stars a team may boast or how much money they can throw behind their ambitions- they all have that one player who is indispensable.

Gareth Bale’s exploits at White Hart Lane last season proved just how influential one man can be and, though he may be an exceptional case, there’s plenty of stars currently plying their trade in the Premier League who make all the difference for their teams.

One wonders whether Juan Mata will be able to become that exact character at Manchester United following his blockbuster deal to Old Trafford, and if he can the reigning Premier League champions will surely be on their way back up the table before too long.

Many would have it said that Chelsea may just have lost their most pivotal figure from the last two years, but who replaces him?

Who are the Premier League stars who make the most difference for their teams?

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Wayne Rooney
Luis Suarez
Gnegneri Toure Yaya
Premier League
Eden Hazard
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