Yankees could have been called 'the New Yorks'

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The most famous logo in sports? (©)nytimes
The most famous logo in sports? (©)nytimes.

The New York Yankees are perhaps one of the most famous teams in the history of sports. Their logo is recognized across the globe and millions of fans know them simply as the Yankees. It could all have been so different.

In 1913, at a time when the team were still known as the New York Highlanders, the co-owner of the club Frank Farrell considered a name change. He wanted them to be know simply as The New Yorks.

This revelation has come to light through a New York Times news clipping from the time, reported by CBS Sports. 

According to the article, Highlanders manager Frank Chance did not want the team to be known as the Highlanders or the Yankees, which had become an unofficial nickname and made the suggestions know in a letter to Farrell.

The name change would have been a one of a kind in American sports where teams are of course known by a city and a nickname or mascot.

As they say the rest is history and the New York Yankees came into being in 1913 and grew in to the team that we all know today.

New York Yankees
New York Yankees
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