Warren Sapp just can't keep his mouth shut as he rips Jets player

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Sapp has had a busy Super Bowl week
Sapp has had a busy Super Bowl week .

It seems motormouth Warren Sapp is interested in creating as much noise as possible this week. 

The former American football defensive player - who famously dominated the NFL with the Buccaneers and then went bankrupt after retiring - is creating as much havoc as possible this week. 

A day after getting on the wrong side of Michael Strachan with some interesting comments, Sapp decided to take aim at NY Jets' defensive end Sheldon Richardson today. 

As it happens, Richardson it seems is getting compared to Sapp. Not something that has sat well with the former Buc, and a vicious Sapp comeback has followed. 

Well here it is. 

"As soon as that kid gets off the 'I think I was better and should have been drafted in a different position,' maybe he'll see his future," Sapp told the Daily News. "Let's not anoint this kid the next best thing since sliced bread yet."

Richardson was the 13th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, something he has been disappointed with since day one. 

Sapp understands that setbacks should drive NFL players, but he says verbally talking about it shows Richardson has baggage. 

"If something drives you, it drives you from inside, right?" Sapp said. "He's externally saying it. The draft is not going to be re-drafted. So as soon as he wakes up from this nightmare that's haunting him, that's the whole point when we talk about football players not carrying baggage. One play at a time. Let that go. He hasn't let go of the draft. It was Week 15 and he was still talking about it. I was like, 'Really?'"

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