AJ McCarron is just starting out on what he hopes will be a successful professional football career, but the former Alabama man has been quick to support the recent calls for student-athlete unionization.

This week members of the Northwestern football team, led by quarterback Kain Colter, signed union cards in a move  they hope will lead to improved representation for NCAA athletes everywhere. 

And McCarron believes they have a valid point:

"I think it's a good thing for college football for someone to step up and to try and get more for the players.

"I think eventually they need to do something...there's so much money being made by the NCAA, by all these athletes," he told For The Win.

While the College Athletics Players Association, which is representing the Northwestern players, is initially looking to improve medical protection for student-athletes, there has been increased discussion about potential future payment in the wake of their move.

And McCarron, who is taking his first steps into the world of paid endorsements this week - starring in a AXE Hair commercial - has some sympathy for those still playing in the college game:

"It's almost a somewhat bad deal the players aren't getting some (money) especially when the jerseys are getting sold, they're getting used for video games.

"Personally I think it's good for college athletes - hopefully down the line they'll start getting paid somewhere," he told reporters.

While student-athletes are not likely to be earning money anytime soon, there is certainly a growing debate.

What do you think? Could student-athletes ever get paid for playing in college?

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