Cass Tech QB Campbell needs a reality check

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(DFP) Campbell in action for Cass Tech
(DFP) Campbell in action for Cass Tech.

Jayru Campbell celebrated like he had won another State Championship after he almost dropped a security guard on his head, and when he left the Detroit Detention Center he was spotted smiling away

Did the Michigan State commit not care that he might have killed a man?

In one of the latest cell phone videos of the body-slamming that's surfaced on the internet, it's clear that the security guard played his part and may have been the aggressor.

Campbell needs a reality check though because the severity of his situation sure doesn't seem to have settled in with the skilful quarterback. 

The moment after he almost drops a security guard on his head, Campbell celebrates as if he has won a game with a last second touchdown. 

That wasn't the case at all, he in fact might have fumbled his football future away. But does he care about that?

You bet that the coaches of Michigan State will be analyzing that video as much as we have been, and the question remains, should he be allowed to play NCAA football in 2015? 

Whether Campbell is handed any criminal charges will likely dictate whether or not he is immediately removed from his scholarship with MSU. 

Whatever happens, we will keep you updated here

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