This weekend David Stern's 30 year stint as commissioner of the NBA will come to an end when he finally hands the reigns over to Adam Silver.

For most fan, Stern has been one of the most successful leader in pro sports as he has transformed the NBA into a global, multi billion dollar business.

But for one set of fans in the pacific north-west, Stern is still a figure of hatred and his departure an occasion to be celebrated for different reasons.

"For us up in Seattle, we're just so happy to see the reign of David Stern come to an end finally."

Those are the words of Jason Reid, as reported by Bleacher Report, a fan of the Seattle Supersonics which were a part of the NBA from 1967-2008.

After years of arena talks which went nowhere in Seattle, Stern moved the team to Oklahoma City where they have since made the NBA Finals.

"For us, it's a thing to celebrate, David Stern being gone," Reid continued. "It's an opportunity for new leadership there, to reevaluate the situation, reevaluate expansion and hopefully come to the conclusion that all of us have come to—which is we deserve an NBA team back in Seattle. We deserve these wrongs of the past to be righted."

Under Silver, it appears there would be scope to have a team back in Seattle. During his recent trip to London for the Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks matchup, Silver said: "Under the right circumstances, we'd love to have a team in Seattle."

For fans in Seattle, who could have a Super Bowl championship to celebrate by Monday, this statement represents progress and hope that they can once again have a team to call home.

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