Last night Carmelo Anthony's New York Knicks blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers 117-86 at the Garden.

In the midst of it all was another stuttering performance from 2013's number one overall draft pick, Anthony Bennett. 

As far as first overall picks go, Bennett has been having a historically poor season, his player efficiency rating a staggering 1.1. 

That is 10.1 below Kwame Brown, many peoples pick as ultimate draft bust.

But Carmelo Anthony spoke up for the Cavs rookie after Thursday's game:

"I talked to him.

"Somebody told me that I was his favorite player last year. So I never really got a chance to talk to him but tonight it was my opportunity to let him know that everything will be fine,' he told reporters.

As the Knicks continued their improved form, Bennett scored four points in 23 minutes, and was 1-for-6 in shooting.

Melo though is sure things will improve for the 20-year old:

"Just keep working and don't get down on yourself. 

"Everybody have times like this and it will get better."

Words of encouragement for sure. It remains to be seen whether Bennett can improve over the course of the rest of the season, but it is worth remembering that the Canadian is still recovering from shoulder surgery which meant he could not train or play over the summer.

JR Smith was not so kind on Bennett on the night

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